We’re sure you know the bad things that will happen if you skip out on your oil changes. So, we don’t want to scare you into doing something that will help your vehicle. Instead, we’ll give you a few positives of getting your oil changed on a consistent basis.

Benefit Number One: Better Mileage

Your engine’s oil dictates how many miles you can get to the gallon. An engine with fresh oil will improve gas mileage and performance. When your vehicle is a well-oiled machine, it will always perform at its highest capability.

Benefit Number Two: Improves Efficiency

Oil works to keep your engine clean. It naturally carries dirt, debris, and other substances. So, over time, you’ll end up with sludge— a mix of unsavory particles. Fresh oil eliminates that sludge and helps your vehicle exceed your expectations in Hanford.

Benefit Number Three: Long Lasting Performance

You’ll have a smooth-running engine that works proficiently and extends the life of your vehicle. Many times, you’ll see engine failure or vehicles that don’t last very many miles. The oil preserves your vehicle’s condition and helps it climb over 100k and sometimes even 200k total mileage. If you want your car to last long, regular oil changes should be in your design.

Dan’s Discount Auto Sales

If you want to keep your vehicle in great shape, it starts with an oil change. You can check your owner’s manual to see how often you’re supposed to get your oil changed. But, a good rule of thumb is every six months or 7,000 miles. If you think you’re due for an oil change, you can schedule an appointment online or stop by for speedy service. Let us help you get your vehicle running at its highest potential.

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