To stay cool in the warm summer months in Hanford, you need to make sure that your AC unit is working properly. Our service team in Visalia is here to make sure that your vehicle receives the proper care that it needs to keep you and your fellow passengers cool. Our qualified mechanics possess years of experience and a full range of certifications that you can rely on.

AC Service Intervals & When To Schedule A Maintenance Appointment

To ensure that your AC works properly, you need a precise outline of its service needs. The AC unit has a limited lifespan, or service interval, determined by the time of use for your car.

AC units typically require service every three-to-five years. However, the owner's manual is the most reliable source for your AC interval. Your owner’s manual contains a complete projection of all your service intervals. This is the best place to start when drafting a maintenance schedule for AC and other car components.

While the service interval for the AC unit is rather infrequent, it isn’t the only interval you need to pay attention to. Your interior air filters also affect the performance of your AC since foreign particles can hinder its performance. Air filters require considerably more frequent services, needing a replacement at least once every 6 to 12 months.

Easy Scheduling Options

We strive to create an experience that takes all the stress and frustration from vehicle maintenance. Our online order form allows you to order and set up any AC services you need. You can also schedule other necessary services and order replacement parts. Lastly, you have the freedom to book your service appointments or part pick ups according to your schedule.

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