Although many of our buyers around Visalia are spontaneous and choose our dealership when they're ready, most have a plan. And if you're considering buying a new or used car in the future, preparing your trade is the best advantage you have for getting the highest market value. Use Dann's Discount Auto Sales tips to help you ensure you're not leaving money on the table!

Clean the Interior and Exterior

Contrary to popular belief, most reputable dealerships, including ours, want you to get top dollar for your trade. It doesn't help your sale by offering anything other than fair market value. Make sure your trade-in is clean, inside and out, and free of clutter. While non-cleanliness doesn't directly take away from the market value, clean does give a better impression.

There is no reason to have your trade detailed or waxed. A basic car wash and the vacuuming of the interior are usually enough. And make sure that you remove all personal items from the trunk and cargo area.

Assess Dings, Scratches and Fluids

Pay close attention to any dings and scratches. A ding is about a half-inch in diameter and easily repairable. Use paint matched from our parts department or any auto parts store around Hanford for minor scratches. Although you may want to have excessive damages fixed, let us worry about that and give you a fair market value with those damages and save you the expense. Also, check all fluids for maximum levels. An engine that is drastically low on oil sends the wrong message.

Gather Important Documents

Be proactive and gather all your documents ahead of time. Items that you need to bring to the dealership include the title, registration, and service records. Don't forget to bring valid identification too. You're more than welcome to bring any documents that support the vehicle history, but there's no need to order a vehicle history report. We can take care of that if needed. You should bring all the keys for the vehicle and all keyless devices.

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